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Unicorn Earrings 14k Gold And Sterling Silver

The unicorn earrings can be attached to various places in the ear; however, it is often linked to the earlobe. Girls love to pierce other ear areas, such as the outer part of the ear, except for unicorn earrings, which clip on to the earlobe as they are clip-on. There are other possible locations for ear piercing, such as helix, tragus, or horn. Be elegant and cute with our unicorn jewelry, and sublimate your ear. The “ear piercing” is a piercing of the earlobe, which is often used by girls. However, it is possible with our jewelry to pierce the upper outer part of your ear. It has an entirely different name, which is often referred to as “cartilage piercings.”

Find a large selection of gold unicorn earrings in our collection, from sterling silver to gold to diamond. Other materials such as white gold, pink gold, plush, or sequins are available in our online store specialized in the unicorn world. Make a perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day gift idea or simply surprise your soul mate or your little girls. We have the most beautiful selection of sterling silver unicorn earrings to make you cute and elegant with these magical jewels. There will be something for all tastes and ages, whether for children or your daughter, everyone loves unicorns. Made very popular by this mythical and legendary animal’s legend, these accessories are the perfect set to decorate your ears.

Other colors such as pastel, rainbow, pink gold, or white gold are very sparkly colors adored by girls. You can find them beaded for our children, they will love them. Our magical unicorn will thank you for the passion you bring to it day after day and will give you its kawaii magic to provide you with a fairy look.