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Bracelet, watch, earrings, necklace, ring : magical jewelry for children and adults

Discover our selection of unicorn jewelry in our online store. Select the best personalized and unique pieces made for you. A wide range of jewelry for adults and children, in the shape of the mythical one-horned creatur, handmade and sold in our store. All the unicorn lovers must have these splendid unicorn jewels. Our wide selection of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants are trendy and inspired by this mythical animal with a pure heart. Legendary creature described since the antiquity, the unicorn is the emblem of our jewels with its only large pointed spiraling horn positioned in the middle of its forehead.

Unicorn Jewellery

A jewelry in sterling silver or gold, make it a magical gift !

Find on our online store unicorn jewelry cute and magical to make gifts for birthday or to give to your daughter for Christmas. Designed in different materials such as sterling silver or gold, we have at your disposal all a wide range of jewelry, pendant, locket, charm, heart, matching for couple, earrings, ring, pins, all in a unique and personalized color.

Any symbol of grace lover must have unicorn jewelry. Get the best unicorn merchandise, and be trendy by showing your friends that you are inspired by the horned animal. This magical creature will give you love through its elegant and colorful accessories.

Feminine and legendary creature, our children and kid became in love with the fabled horse, whether it is through its sparkly silver or gold jewels or other. Timeless, these jewels provide fantastic emotions. Faithful representation or kawaii of this mythical animal, find a rainbow mythical horned creature mane with a magic horn on your jewelry.

Find our fancy silver accessories in all colors, pink, purple, white, etc… As well as in different materials such as glass, metal clay, diamond or holographic but also in different magical styles such as with a medieval touch.

Unicorn Necklace Sterling Silver Rainbow Crystal

A unicorn necklace for your neck made of gold, sterling silver or diamond

Visit our collection of unicorn necklaces to make a wonderful gift for your daughter to make her happy for her birthday. Whether in sterling silver or gold, we have all shapes of necklaces , in charm, heart or with a pendant or medallion hanging from its chain to tie around your neck.

Our beautiful glitter jewelry will give you a trendy and fashionable look. With high quality, we take care to sell magical and cute jewelry in different materials, whether it is sterling silver, 14k gold, white gold or diamond.

Made with sumptuous style and quality craftsmanship, the necklace and his unicorn horn are a perfect gift to give to your children or yourself. You want to engrave your little girl’s name on the pendant of the necklace ? We propose you for that jewels which are customizable via artistic engraving. Made with a reflective finish, find it in different styles such as crystal, plastic, transparent with sequins, pastel or in a rainbow color to be beautiful.

Attract the attention of your friends and make warm smiles. Our unicorn necklace can also be made in different shapes such as geometric with a golden chain. Be more dazzling than ever ! The friendship necklaces bff are now available as a gift for a couple.

Unicorn Watch white

A cute unicorn watch for your wrist, A special gift

Discover the cutest unicorn watch collection on our online store. To offer as a gift or simply to please you, you will find a wide collection of watches in all colors and different materials. Accessory to hang on the wrist that is perfect for girls and ladies, as well as for children, boys and men. Buy the one that suits you best, whether it is in leather, rubber, sterling silver or gold, you will find the one-horned animal watch that will make you cute and unique !

Are you one of the unicorn lovers ? Choose the ideal watch, whether it’s in metal, leather, sterling silver or gold, you can also find it in waterproof, digital LED or quartz. Bring to your wrist a feeling of comfort with a bit of white horse-like animal softness.

Find the popular trends that are very popular with girls, our online store has beast with one horn watches for toddler, girl child, for women, quartz watches, … a perfect timepieces.

If you haven’t found the style that suits you, we’ve prepared a vintage unicorn design look that is unique or glowing for the baby girl who wants to see the time in the dark. Also designed in a Fluffy style from the cartoon Despicable Me or in a classic style, there are several uses, as a toy or a real fashion item

Unicorn Ring Sterling Silver Rainbow Crystal

An exceptional unicorn ring for your fingers

We offer a wide range of unicorn rings on our store, whether in silver or 18k gold, you will be able to make an exceptional gift to your little girl or your fingers to make you sublime. Pink gold or white gold, there is for all tastes, adjustable, the fabled horse ring will fit your hand perfectly.

Bring a touch of mystery and grace to your everyday look with our unicorn ring jewelry. Made of high quality material, give yourself the best possible experience with trendy ring designs specially designed for any mythical horned creature lovers. Available in several colors and sizes, our jewelry will perfectly meet your expectations and personal tastes.

Rings of all kinds, at any price, cheap, rainbow, cute pink or simply black for a classic and sober style. We also offer wedding rings in opal or onyx which are precious stones. The engagement ring is a very famous ring to be a fancy one-horned animal jewel for your finger. Offer a wonderful gift for a person of any age, from teenage girl to ladies, the unicorn ring is the perfect surprise to please by bringing a touch of sweetness.

How To Choose Your Unicorn Earrings ?

How To Choose Your Unicorn Earrings ?

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The Best Trendy Unicorn Bracelets

The Best Trendy Unicorn Bracelets

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